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Jonathan Eric Haft- Everything Must Be Known About Him

December 2, 2016

Do you know about Eric Haft, who is very popular and experienced director? Here, we will talk more about the same to get complete idea about him, what he does, did and other various achievements for inspiration. Yes, this is something, which must be known to all and learn various things for great inspiration to work exactly like him.

So, currently Eric is working in his own firm and he is the founder and managing director at HAFT2WIN sports and entertainment marketing. It is situated in Miami and working so well in the domain of sports and entertainment. He is the one got years of experience working with various companies and in the various domains. Yes, talking about a brief summary of his amazing and extensive experience and work. Here they are-

Jonathan Eric Haft got years of good experience in establishing, building and making harmonious relationship other various companies and clients. Even, he has made successful results in the same and got so amazing and long-term successful partnership in all the areas, including- sports and entertainment. Apart from this, he is known for extensive development and implementation of amazing strategies. Not only this, he is also associated to handle various important marketing and sales campaigns, which went so well.

Eric is the best and shows his potential side in terms with the corporate consulting and got success. Yes, his plan of action, thinking power, strategies and analysis is completely phenomenal and via the same he can easily make other understand in terms with how to run the best business easily. His corporate partnership sales and activation is very amazing and got years of knowledge on the same to move on the right track.

People also say that Jonathan Eric Haft has got so strong leadership who has connected the dots. He is the best in motivating people in the job and building trustable relationship for better production and work. He has also worked with the large team and his leadership quality over there was amazing. Yes, he motivated the whole staff to work in a proper order, give full attention and efforts and this motivation worked so well in the form of getting profit.

He is well-versed with the best communication skills, thus, he can easily convince everybody to believe on this talks. His experiences with lots of businesses have gone so well and got win-win situation. He is also known for lots of business specialities, which must have in the best leaders. Yes, he is very experience, best in corporate partnership sales and activation, amazing interpersonal skills he has got, planning, best in problem solving, sales negotiation skills and the list is very long.

One can easily get a lot of inspiration from his life and can easily walk on the same path. Today, Jonathan is in the best position and well-known for his very amazing and best work which will be there forever. So, better know more about this very famous personality and get ready to be like the same.

Jonathan Eric Haft And His Amazing Leadership Qualities

December 2, 2016

You might know Eric Haft, who is currently working as a managing director at HAFT2WIN sports and entertainment marketing. He is the founder of this company too and put amazing efforts to make it successful. Yes, he is very successful MD, leader and founder, just because he has got so amazing talent in tackling all sorts of issues.

From his education qualification to professional life everything is superb and all credit goes to his hard and smart work. He is a man who has achieved a lot in his life and yet to be achieved. However, if you would like to be like him- the strongest leader, better follow his amazing leadership quality. Yes, better follow him and you will get everything you expect from your life. Here they are-

Have good communication

The very first thing a leader must have is the best and confident communication with everybody. Yes, you should think about to improve your communication skills by learning the ethics, various languages, and have full confidence while talking. Even, if you are wrong in your place the best and cool communication will make your right as well as you can also expect to convince people easily. So, better work on it and talk more and more.

Have complete set of knowledge

Knowledge in every domain is must, however, if you want to speak more clearly, need to give ideas, making strategies and all, better think about improving great knowledge of an associated subject and get great improvement. Jonathan Eric Haft believes that only knowledge will make you more confident and you can easily expect to have everything with the same.

Be good in negotiation

Negotiation is something which will surely be there all the time in the business. Negotiation with the business partners, clients, employees, contractors, and other various things will be there, which you as a leader must perform so well. Yes, it is highly necessary that you should think about to go with the various action plans so that the best negotiation will be made for win-win situation.

Be strong in any situation

Jonathan Eric Haft says that leader must be strong in any situation, whether good and bad. A strong leader must be very strong and must tackle the whole team as well as business with very strong concepts. Even, the business situation is worst, a leader must motivate the team to do as better as they can for better success and growth. Even, in the poor situation, a strong leader always wins by his amazing tactics, thus have fait and win the business game.

Apart from this, there are lot of things must be there for a successful leader and that is- proper planning to fetch the success, have proper direction ideas, proper work division, maintain good relationship with the team and business partners and other various things come over there. So, if you want to become a strong leader, better think about to opt all these qualities and get great success.


Jonathan Eric Haft- A Very Successful Director And Founder

December 2, 2016

Success is not a cup of tea of all, but most of the people are very fortunate. Here, we will talk about one of the best and very famous MD and founder who got so amazing track record.

You must know more about Eric Haft, who got amazing achievements in his life and got so many rewards for his best work. Yes, he is the man who always got great success and name by working in various projects successfully. So, let’s talk more about this famous personality and know the secret of his success. Here is the complete information about him.

Talking about his education, Eric Haft has completed his education from Penn State University in marketing and legal environment of business. During his education, he was a part of the various activities and societies, like- Member mount nittany club, member dean’ list honors 2003-04, first penn state hosted sports symposium 2007 and various others. Apart from this, he is well-versed with the best communication skills in English, Hebrew, Spanish and others.

This is the man who is known about for various things. Yes, he is best in strategic partnerships, sponsorship activation, brand awareness, media sales, networking, business planning, sales management and other various things, thus, did amazing job in all the domains. Even, his top skills included the same and other various sorts of things which make him very popular and a well deserving person in any organization. He is also associated with the various projects and the most special project of his life was- Ethiopian bar mitzvah program campaign for jaffa institute.

Jonathan Eric Haft is not only good in doing successful business, even he is best in going up with various fundraising programs. He is associated with the best volunteer experience and causes, including- animal welfare, education, economic empowerment, children welfare, economic development and various others. He has played a very important role in the same and helped all the needful people and situations.

Honors and awards are something we must know and yes he won various awards in his life. The list is long and one can easily find it so easily over the internet. His journey in terms with the sponsorship sales and marketing manager and corporate consultant was pretty amazing and he has worked so hard in various things. He was the part of the sponsorship procurement clients, corporate consulting clients and deals with all the big names. Later he worked as the director of corporate sales and partnership marketing with the Adirondack phantoms in 2012. And now, he is working as a founder and managing director of the HAFT2WIN sports and entertainment marketing, where he is organizing everything to push the firm.

Jonathan Eric Haft is associated with the consulting services where he does a lot of things- ROI reporting, naming rights sales, corporate consulting, sponsorship sales and procurement and activations, marketing execution and activation, media sales and other lots of things for better and quick success.


Inconel Alloys - Hastelloy Alloys - Incoloy Alloys - Nickel Alloys - HY

December 2, 2016

HY (Shanghai & Hong Kong) Industry Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacture that specializing  in the production of high temperature alloy, corrosion resistant alloy,precision alloy and super stainless steel in shapes of bar, wire, sheet, tube, plate, strip, disc, ring and flange. They are widely used in petrochemical industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, Military, electronics, environmental protection, machinery and instruments, and other fields.

For More Information Visit: Inconel Alloys, Incoloy Alloys, Hastelloy Alloys, Monel Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Nimonic Alloys, Cobalt Alloys, Precision Alloy ,Heat Resistant Wire, Electric Heating Alloy Wire

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HY (Shanghai & Hong Kong) Industry Co., Ltd

No.816, No.1187  Akesu Rd, 201801,Jiading District, Shanghai, China.

Tel: +86 21 52286112

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Guide For The Beginners Guide To Motorcycle Clothing

December 2, 2016

It is essential for you to protect yourself well while riding a motorcycle. Few things are essentially needed for riding a bike apart from the Oneal motocross helmets as you need to protect not only your head but your hands and skin as well. In some states, you are not even allowed to sit for a test if you do not wear the right kind of gear. Here are some useful tips to buy the right kind of gear so that you do not blow up your budget in buying things which you do not require. Also important is the price and quality factor which should be of high standard always.

Whether you buy Nitro motorcycle helmets or not, it is essential that it fits perfectly to your head, and therefore you need to buy one according to the size of your head. The circumference of your head must be measured around the widest point setting the tape and inch above your eyebrows. Compare it with the helmet size chart and try it out to see that it fits well including the cheek pads. Your head shape is also important when you buy one and remember a slight tight helmet does not mean it is not suitable for your head. Helmets loosen up a bit when you ride few miles wearing it, and therefore it is best to consult with an experienced person.

Gears you will need would largely depend on the type of the ride. If you plan to ride regularly to your office, then just MT motorcycle helmets would do the needful, but if you are riding on track, then you will need a completely different setup. It may be argued that due to the increase in the number of vehicles on the road, safety measures are the prime concern of people and it is better to have yourself protected by all means. While buying you must also look at the comfort level of wearing such gear. The design of the gear, the ventilation system, adequate paddings on relevant areas are some important factors you must consider while buying.

Apart from helmets, gloves, boots and jackets are also equally important. You will find that Buffalo motorcycle jackets are sized and designed just like any other clothing. The fit should be well tried by you so that you are not in discomfort while wearing it. This is necessary to do because size number may vary a little bit according to the manufacturer. All these are the necessities to protect yourself actively including your head, skin, hand legs and all.

You must also consider the elements of weather while buying depending on the state and area that you live in. Waterproof products are best suited for areas of heavy rainfall. Buy heated gloves and gear for cold areas and also consider the condition of the road in which you will ride. It is also necessary to change your gear from time to time, maybe after four or five years, so that you get the best result unless it is damaged earlier.    


Communication Skills Training - Very Important For Shaping Career

October 29, 2016

Do you think your communication is not good at all or you feel so hesitate while speaking in front of the people? Well, you should think about to join the best course which can assure you to get great knowledge and training on how to improve your communication skills.

Yes, it is highly important as it doesn’t matter who you are and what kind of job you are looking for, your communication must be good and impressive. If you really feel you are lacking somewhere, make sure to make up a decision on time and this will give you an amazing opportunity to make your career so well.

If you don’t know why improving communication is important, then you should check out the benefits of the same and push yourself to do so. Here are the various things which you should consider and get ready to eliminate all the problems from your way. Here they are-

To get great job

You must know that having best communication you can expect to have great confidence which will surely help you to get great job. Yes, it is true and you will definitely feel great changes on your after getting fluent communication skills. At the time of an interview these skills will definitely help you and this way you can easily get great job.

Will help while working

At the time of communicating with the customers, seniors and colleagues, the best communication is necessary. Yes, it is mandatory as it will help with the diversity at the workplace and without any communication barrier all work will go very smoothly. With an effective and good communication skill it will automatically reduce the barriers which may be there due to cultural and language differences. So, good communication means great work at the work place.

Global business and dealing

It doesn’t matter whether you are doing your own business or working in any firm, at any point of time you may need to deal with the foreign clients, thus, you must need good communication skill along with the confidence. For great and effective dealing without any hassle and to let foreign clients know more about your business, it is highly necessary that you go up with the best communication skills training institute and learn everything to give you such a great boost.

Apart from this, effective and clear communication is necessary if you are leading any team. Of course for team building and morale, you should think about the best communication skills which can help in letting people know what you want to deliver as well as your effective communication always motivates them to work in a better way. Moreover, there are other various benefits you will get to have the same, thus, if you think your communication is not good at all, better take proper training from the best institute and you will surely get transformed.

So, what are you waiting for? You can try visiting to the suggested source and grab great information from the same.

Best And Affordable Training Programs For You

October 29, 2016

Someone has rightly said that education is that thing that can be earned in one’s own life. There is literally no age limit on getting education. While there are some people who stop taking education after they graduate. But there are other people who never get satisfied with their education level and keep learning new things till the end of their life. These people keep learning new things and explore all the facets of an ideal life. They have usually got their personal libraries the size of living room of an ordinary house. Today’s surveys also show that with rising competition in the youth, the one who has got big number of degreed in his or her resume stands clearly out of the chunk. Having attended professional training programs give a new spark to your professional career. One must attend these excellent and amazing training courses in order to excel further in life.

If you haven’t acquainted yet with this course, then these training programs are presented by government certified institutes like balanced score centre Dubai which offers these programs in various departments. Their aim is to provide high performance training and experiences to meet the customer’s needs. They help professional and personal experienced people and enhance their industrial effectiveness and contribute to present and future industries. They offer programs in leadership and development, human resource management, project management and training, engineering, oil and gas sector, customer service, conferences and many more. These programs are offered by online institutes across numerous cities in the world including Dubai, London, Beirut, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Cairo and many more. One of the biggest advantages of enrolling in these courses is that these courses are available throughout the year. They keep active the courses in various dates of the calendar. A particular training course varies from three to seven days.

As you get enrolled in a particular training and development program of your choice, the institute will start giving you training in the form of presentations by the consultants, group debriefings, team exercises, behaviors modeling and role playing, case study methods, video films, playbacks, group discussions, swat analysis, and action plans. They will give you a complete detailing of the training program. At the end you have to write and exam and viva voice in order to be eligible for completion of the training program. Once you are pass in examination, you will be awarded the certificate of training which you can use anywhere for leveraging your career options. The usual time of training is from around 8 in the morning to 3 pm in the evening. The training program will be fully comprehensive and theoretical and practical as well. The training programs are also continually updated according the required demand of the industry and corporate world field research. They also offer public training programs which are open to participants from any industry across the globe.

If you want to enroll in a program of your choice, do check out the website of training institutes and check for the program of your field along with its fee.

Benefits Of Using True And Authentic Dating in Jeddah

October 29, 2016

We all know everything about internet and this is the thing becomes so important these days. If we need any kind of information over there internet is here with us, for shopping it is here, for entertainment and the best part is it is here for us to meet up with the best people from all over the world. Yes, this is the best medium to introduce you with the world and make your life happy and stable.

What if you don’t have friends around you? How you generally think to pass your time? Well, you must think about joining the best dating site which can assure you everything you are looking for. Yes, if you are looking for true people around you to whom you can chat, share and even meet, it is possible to do so without any hassle.

Yes, to make it possible you will need to think about the best online dating site and just get ready to enjoy its amazing benefits. Yes, here are lots of reasons why you should join up site for dating in Jeddah and you should definitely think to enjoy the following-

It is fast and convenient

In order to make friends and that is in a huge quantity along with quality, there is no super fast technique at all than the dating online. Yes, after joining the recommended dating site you will able to feel that everything is so fast and convenient, which can’t be replaced by anything at all. Actually, the concept is the best of all and if you will be connected with the best source, you will definitely love using the same again and again. So, just have your smartphone and using your fingertips connect with the best people.

Get same people you expected

A great level of compatibility can be there once you will use up the best site. As you will get great opportunities to connect with hundreds of thousands of people, however, you can easily find your kind of people which you like to have in your life. It becomes so easier to find out the same as well as don’t forget filtering your searches to get on which you are interested to talk.

No need to pay

Everything is free of cost, however, in meeting people, sharing, gossiping or anything else, you don’t need to worry about paying anything and just directly connected with dating Jeddah. Right source will give you the best opportunity in getting right people in your life and it is not compulsion at all to go with all. Yes, you don’t need to waste your time on intentions at all, if you want any person just go with the same and ignore others to whom you don’t want to connect.

So, without any pressure, boredom or anything else, just enjoy the world of chatting with unknown people and make them as your best friends or date with them to get great fun.

Are You Alone Must Go With Viable Suggestions For Living Life Beautifully

October 29, 2016

Even living in a great society we are alone. Working in a reputed firm or after retirement, in the school and colleges, most of the time we unable to get great friends or people around us who can easily be available for us. So, how we can have some quality time in that situation? Well, there are lots of things you can do and for the same you will definitely need not to insist any person around you to be with you.

Here are various suggestions you can follow to remove boredom and negativity from life and this will surely happen with you. So, are you ready to know the best ideas to spend life beautifully? Must check out the given suggestions-

Watch out the best movies online

There is nothing better than the best movies online, which we can easily watch out directly. If you are upset and looking for great time, just think about watching comedy movies and have the best time alone. This will divert your mind and give you great ways to enjoy the best time over here now and then. So, must check out various movie collections and get ready to pass your time so gracefully.

Online games are the best

Did you ever play online games or online casinos? Well, they are the best in the world and if you would like to spend your time amazingly just be in touch with the games and you will surely be addicted. There is no better idea than the same which will give you a lot of fun and pleasure for sure.

Online dating

If you are looking to meet up with someone special and would like to have lots of friends around you, there is nothing better than online dating concept. If you are living in Qatar, dating in Qatar is possible and for the same you will need to be connected with the best sources which can assure you amazing list of the people can be found by you without any hassle. You might don’t know, but you will find lots of people around you who will be exactly like you and looking for the perfect soul mate and friends, thus, this is the best idea to meet up with the new people around you and have great life.

Make sure that you are connected with the true site for dating Qatar as then only you will get introduced with the best people. Great site means a lot of people over the site as well as you will get great facilities to be connected with your type of people so easily. Yes, it is possible and using filter method will make everything possible to you to get connected with the best people you are looking to have.

Apart from this, there are lots of other various things which can be used by you, like- yoga classes, gym and other hobby classes to make your life busy and good to go.

Affordable Accounting Courses For You

October 29, 2016

Today, we are going through very tough and competitive world. People in this world do daily jobs in order to earn the money and bread butter for their family. With rise in competition there has been an increase in demand of more talent in this world. During earlier times, people used to get highly paid jobs with relatively less qualification. But with population burst, we have to resort to get more higher education in order to stand out of the crowd. Special course are a must for those young people who are looking for a job right now. For those who are looking to get further education in specialized fields, we have got some lists of courses for you that can help you in getting higher education for pretty affordable costs. These curses are done just like the ones done in college lectures on daily bases. So without further ado, let’s get started and tell you some important facts about these professional courses.

For someone with a degree in finance and accounting, there are professional course which are provided for you at affordable costs. Some of the popular finance courses which are included in the list are award in business finance, budgeting, business financial skills, corporate finance and many more. A finance course helps you in getting advanced knowledge in the field of finance and statistics. This course will make you gain more knowledge about the things that companies do in the field of finance. By learning this course, you will be able to work in a finance department of any company. You will also be able to check the current ongoing in the financial sector of your own business too. Nobody will be able to fool you in financial world after you successfully gain competitive knowledge in this field.

The other course that you may get admission in is accounting course. For those who don’t know the basics of accounting course, this course deals with the basic concepts of managing the accounts of all the employees. Managing accounts is a major part of smooth running of any organization. Some of the courses available are basics of accounting, closing year end accounts, financial accounting, accounting skills, investment management and many more subjects. They also provide you exemplary accounting training in excellent theoretical and practical ways. This training helps you in mastering the world of accounts department of any corporate organization. You will be able to effectively handle the accounts of your own business too. You will never lag in accounts world after getting training course in this amazing subject in accounting. You do not have to worry about the quality of training given to you because the institutes which give you training in these courses are certified form government organization. Online courses can also be taken by you by paying online fee and attending online classes and examinations.

If you are to enhance your finance and accounting skills, then you must take enrollment in these two subjects in order to learn advance knowledge in these subjects.

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